I call this Tuesday

This is my first entry.  I’ve thought about this blog for a long time and decided I don’t have 5 minutes to type anything.

I have mile long to-do lists that I give myself to improve the beauty of my home, create the ultimate dish (with zero calories of course), or create the most beautiful furniture from a family heirloom.

Today, I attached a piece of wood to an old cabinet my best friend purchased for her teenage son to make a media cabinet.  I cut the top with a circular saw, screwed it in, sanded the whole thing, screwed some wheels on the bottom and put a coat of glossy black paint on it.  All the while, my 3 year old was riding her tricycle around the garage.

This, mind you, was between ballet and tae kwon do.  I’m not saying I’m super Mom, nor am I super Woman.  I feel like I neglect my child half the time to work on my projects.  I sometimes feel bad for not giving her constant attention, but realize she needs to learn to play independently.

I then, finished painting my daughters former nursery.  I covered the pink walls with gray and added crown molding.  Turns out, I picked out the wrong molding or the right molding and just installed it wrong.  Anyway, it looks fine.molding

I made a fantastic stew – let’s call it Curry Chicken Peanut Stew.  First, let me start by saying I am trying to use up everything in my pantry and freezer so we can go full on Paleo.  Ok, now with the stew – I took 2 frozen chicken breasts that were premarinated in red curry and lemongrass.  I put them, frozen, in the crock pot and turned it on high.  I poured in a can of pumpkin, a can off coconut milk, a can of warm water, 2 spoonfuls of crunchy peanut butter, salt, garlic, frozen carrots and frozen spinach.  It needed a little more salt – but boy, was it delish!


I forgot to do the laundry.


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