Where’s the snow?

I’ve been patiently waiting for a major snow storm to trap us inside for days so I am forced to face several projects I’ve been putting off.  I would like to watch a gazillion you tube videos on how to use my sewing machine and then make amazing drapes for all over the house.  I would love to do the same with crocheting.  Do you know how much I could accomplish?

Until then, I have two tables in our family room that need the tops refinished.  I love that all our inherited wood furniture in our family room matches but the tops have water stains and deep scratches.  I’m thinking of sanding them down and doing a dark – almost black stain.

I also just decided to add some life to my dark coral walled dining room.  I completed a hutch for this room a year ago, but never was happy with the hand stenciled back.  It took me so many pain staking hours in my cold garage and I hate it.  You can see the holes for the shelf supports and it just looks bad compared to the outside.  I painted it in Annie Sloan Pure White Chalk Paint and used a combo of Clear and Dark Wax on the wood as well as the handles.  I’ve been told it looks very Italian Renaissance.  I’ll take it!  Anyway, I would like to complement the dark coral walls with a royal blue.  I just ordered a shower curtain – yep! – shower curtain on Amazon to Mod Podge to the back of the hutch and some blue velvet to add to the bottom of the curtains.  I will also be inheriting a piece of furniture from my in laws in a few weeks that I plan on using as a server in the dining room and will possibly be painting it Annie Sloan Napoleonic Blue with Dark Wax and gold gilding wax accents.  I can really see the blue making this area elegant.

In the mean time, today I made a memory board for one of my nieces in turqoises, lime greens and coral.  And I made a chalkboard frame for the other in deep, dark purple with gray ribbon.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings ;O)


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