Blood, Sweat, Tears and a Burn

So, again my Tuesday is spent carting the girl to dance classes in the morning and then to get the car serviced.  We made it out earlier than I thought and all I could think about was blue velvet.  Blue velvet, you ask?  Yes. Blue. Velvet.

I had thought about changing the color palette in the dining room for some time now.  The dark coral walls called out turquoise to me originally, but I just never felt it was right.  I redid my hutch back wall in the previous blog with suttle notes of cobalt blue.  Now, it’s time to bring the color to my curtains.  Curtains, which I can now call drapes because they certainly look fancy now that they touch the floor.  Hubba Hubba!

I purchased my curtains on Amazon because I liked the ivory color to them with the copper trefoil pattern.  They worked but were missing something.  I saw multiple pics on pinterest about lengthening curtains and decided I needed blue velvet to do just that.  And today was the day.

I started my project by measuring each curtain panel width and the remaining distance to the floor.  I got approximately 14″ tall and 55″ wide.  I then added 3 inches to each measurement and cut 4 peices of velvet for each panel.  I will add here that I was really trying to get every measurement perfect and failed miserably.  It didn’t matter one bit.  I will also add that my helper in this project did not, thank GOD!, injure herself on the very large and sharp fabric scissors but did trip on the curtain rod.  3 meltdowns and one busted lip later, I am happy to report she is fine.

02242015 cell phone pics 1144

I then took each end and folded it in. You can waste a bunch of time trying to iron your edges perfectly and then go back to hot glue, but it is a WASTE OF TIME.  Just put a small squiggle of hot glue along the edge and fold over approx. 1 inch.  Press and grab the iron to go over a few times.  Looks great, eh?

02242015 cell phone pics 114502242015 cell phone pics 1151

Now here’s m02242015 cell phone pics 1149y warning – watch out for the iron.  IT’S HOT!

I was working quickly and reached over the iron to grab the hot glue gun and seared my forearm.  OUCH!

I was able to continue after having my own little temper tantrum and bandaging myself, because I am afterall – a nurse 😉

So, after you make your hems on the sides and bottom – don’t bother with the top hem because it’s going to be hidden behind the curtain.  Just take the curtain down – flip it over to the back side and do a little hot glue at a time and iron, to ensure it holds.  Then, when you’ve got the entire length glued – do another layer of hot glue to any remaining loose fabric, as shown here:

02242015 cell phone pics 1150     Iron again and let cool completely so you can hang it.  Give it a good tug before you hang up to make sure it’s not going to come loose.  It should be stuck together very well, even with a heavy fabric like velvet.

You like?

02242015 cell phone pics 1152getPart


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