The 30 dollar paint brush

So, I must start this post with an admission.  I admit fully that I have never taken a class with Annie Sloan nor any of her stockists.  It would probably be very useful to take one of those’s on my to-do list.

After doing a dozen projects with Chalk Paint, I decided to actually purchase one of the $30 brushes by Annie Sloan for waxing. For those of you that don’t know about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint – there’s no sanding or prep that goes into whatever you are painting.  It goes on with pretty decent coverage and you can control if you want it to look totally shabby chic or new and shiny.  After you paint, it will have a matte look and you will want to apply the Annie Sloan wax.  The wax comes in Clear and Dark.  You can use one or both!  I am still playing with how to use the wax and I don’t follow any of the directions for application or the buffing after.

I scored this awesome piece of furniture from my in laws and hauled it back from Tennessee with me last week.

Featured image

I planned to paint it a cobalt blue color to compliment the dark coral color on my dining room walls.  Annie Sloan calls the paint color Napoleonic Blue and it’s my new favorite.  This is after one application (remember – no sanding!  and this sucker was LACQUERED!)

Featured imageThis is after the second application:

Featured imageAnd the third:

Featured image

I would also like someone to notice my hack – using my daughters mega blocks to lift the feet up for a better paint job.

Featured imageAfter the 3 coats of paint and very little drying time needed in between, I decided it was time use this fancy brush and begin my waxing.  I was told by the lady at the store, when purchasing said brush that I needed to wash it first and pull on the hairs because it was a natural brush it would lose a few.  A few. So I did that and then mixed some dark and some clear wax.  I mixed it in a plastic bowl with a plastic knife.  I dabbed the brush in the wax and started applying in a circular motion on one of the drawers (to practice on).  I immediately noticed all the little hairs coming off and started freaking out.  I started pulling with a tshirt rag I had on stand by to see if I could loosen anymore.  They weren’t all long bristles, mostly tiny and short ones.  What in the world?!  I stopped after the one drawer and cleaned my brush with dishsoap and pulled and pulled to loosen any more bristles and didn’t see anymore coming out.  I had to wait for the brush to fully dry brush side down/up right before completing anymore waxing.  Long story short, the bristles kept coming – it was a total pain in the ass and I hate the 30 dollar brush.  But I will say this – I used a lot less wax and after going over it with a spare tshirt rag, the bristles did come off.  Here’s a few pics.Featured imageFeatured image

Part 2 of the waxing is the buffing.  I think the instructions say to go back after an hour or something.  I have always found the wax to be way too tacky to mess with it that soon.  I have always done my buffing with a tshirt rag and always wait 24 hours.  I get a nice sheen on the piece with rubbing off the excess wax from the day before and it seals the paint in as well as the dust and moisture out.  I did notice when plucking all the hairs out of the wax with the brush, it seemed like I could go back and buff with the brush itself.  I was getting a slight sheen almost immediately so I decided to wait my 24 hours and go back with the brush to buff.  This blew up in my face because there goes the freaking bristles ALL OVER my newly waxed piece.  it was a mess.  I then thought, I have 3 options:  a brush, a tshirt rag and a not-so-tough ocello bristled sponge:

Featured image

let’s pretend this picture doesn’t suck – it is the hairy brush, the tshirt rag and the bristled ocello sponge.

Featured image

see the hairs?!

The Ocello sponge was my savior in this.  It had just enough scrub action to remove the excess wax and all the little tiny hairs but not too rough because it has plastic fibers that do the scrubbing.

Ok, that’s my PSA of the day.

This is how the beauty turned out!

Featured imageFeatured image


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